About Us

We are girls, all moms actually, who have decided to detoxify our environments – our cosmetics, cleaning products, food, and more.  We all have our own reasons for why we ended up on this journey, but we have one thing in common – the sense of being overwhelmed when we started to choose more natural items to buy.


‘Green,’ ‘natural,’ and ‘organic’ products are typically more expensive.  We know.  Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing more natural alternatives of our favorite products, only to be disappointed.  Who wants to end up with more expensive products that don’t do the job?  Double fail.  So we started comparing notes of our favorite products and of products that turned out to be a bust.


Our friends and family are constantly asking for our recommendations on what to buy since they know we research the heck out of things before we make a purchase, so we thought it would be helpful to create a little corner of cyberspace to share our product ‘hits’ and ‘misses.’  A place to share what we have learned about health and the reasons WHY we choose to detoxify our environments.


It IS overwhelming.  Our hope is that we can be a helpful resource to you, whether you are just dipping your toes into the ‘green’ world or whether you’ve decided to plunge right in.  We are certainly not perfect and do not have all the answers, as we are all still on this journey ourselves.  But we hope the information we provide can make the transition to a greener life a little less overwhelming for you.


Welcome to our home on the web.


Meet the Girls…

Angie April Katie Shannon

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