Hi!  My name is Angie, and I first want to say that I’m so excited you’re here at our site!  Thank you for coming by!


I’m a mom of two little ones, a wife to my awesome hubby, an avid reader, a photographer, and a serial blogger.  :)  I’m a type-A personality with a mind that rarely, if ever, shuts down.  I’m pretty sure I talk too much, and I will forever be working on that!  I graduated college with a degree in Computer Science and worked a few years as a programmer until I became a mom.  Then, of course, my world changed forever!


It’s one thing to keep ‘doing what you do’ when it’s just you (and maybe your spouse).  When you don’t have kids, it’s easier to ignore the news reports of increased childhood obesity, growing autism rates, increases in ADD and ADHD, childhood cancers, etc.  But once you have children, all these things hit a little closer to home.  As a parent, you want to make the best decisions you can about your child’s health.  At some point, I realized I needed to be more proactive about my entire family’s health as well, my husband and myself included!


There were several things that happened at the same time which lead me on my quest to health.  One of the more major incidents was that after my little guy had gotten his 15-month vaccines, he was unwell for quite a while.  His little body was sick and just couldn’t get better.  The pediatrician kept prescribing round after round of antibiotics, which were clearly not helping him.  We began taking him to an alternative practitioner, and I started reading more and more about the ability of our bodies to heal with the right food and nutrition.  I began learning about choosing quality food and the importance of knowing what I was putting into my family’s bodies.  I read tons of books, watched movies on the subject, followed health blogs, and sought out doctors who could help me navigate all this new information (new to me, anyways!).


Sadly, the VAST majority of doctors I have come across don’t address the correlation between what we put into (or on, or around) our bodies and the condition of our health.  But these healing doctors do exist, and with their help, I was able to get my little man healthy again.  Since our ordeal with him (and other health-related issues among our family), I have been committed to making healthy choices for our family to the best of my ability by being conscious of what I give my family to eat and the products we use in our home and on our bodies.


In today’s day and age, there is so much ‘garbage’ in our food, air, cosmetics, cleaning products, medicines, and more.  I’m a firm believer that if we just keep ‘doing what we’re doing,’ it’s not a matter of IF we’ll be sick one day, it’s a matter of WHEN.  We can’t keep overloading our bodies with stuff they’re not supposed to have and expect to live in health to the ripe old age of 80 (or 85… or 90…).  I truly believe we need to be conscious of what we expose ourselves to so we can give ourselves and our families the best shot at a healthy life.


Please don’t be fooled – I want you to know our family is far, far from perfect, if perfection even were to exist.  As I write this, I am sneaking a leftover piece Easter candy from the pantry and my husband is spraying Static Guard directly on his legs because his dress pants “just get too static-y!” (Yes, the kind that says “spray in a well-ventilated room” – pretty sure this is not meant to be sprayed on skin, EVER.  Ladies, if you have a solution to this, please let me know what it is!  I will be forever grateful.)


In our house, we typically follow the 80% rule… If 80% of the choices we are making are good ones (regarding what we put in, on, and around our bodies), we feel like we’re doing okay.  We try to make ‘good choices’ the everyday norm and everything else the exception, but we don’t panic when there is an exception (clearly… see the above paragraph!).  At one point I felt guilty every time there was an exception, and it was a disaster.  I don’t recommend that method.  Go easy on yourself!


I know Ignorance is Bliss.  Sometimes, when I’m overwhelmed, I repeat that mantra to myself!  Things were so much easier before I knew what I know now!!  But once you are armed with information on the ‘yuck’ that exists all around us, and more importantly, what you can do about it, it’s hard to ignore.


There is no doubt, this journey is a process.  That’s really why we wanted to start this blog… so we can not only share with each other what we are learning, but also so we can learn what you know as well.


Thank you so much again for coming to our site, we are really glad you’re here!  And I’m pretty sure mine is going to be the longest bio – don’t say I didn’t warn you about me talking too much!  :)




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