Hi, I’m Katie! After college, I entered the working world…but after I had my son, I soon realized nothing could have prepared me for motherhood. :) Both challenging and rewarding, I’d rather be with my son than anywhere else. He is the true motivation for my journey into a healthier lifestyle for everyone in my family. I have only just started on this path and know I have a lot to still learn…which is why this blog serves as a great forum for just that.


My mom had a history of health issues that seemed to never get resolved. Her main symptoms closely resembled fibromyalgia. After she started seeing an alternative medicine practitioner (after several years of “second opinions” from multiple doctors), this opened our family up to seeing what’s really in our conventional food system, and how food and holistic living can truly be our medicine…using what God has created to protect and heal us. Over the course of about two years, her pain symptoms have significantly improved. Sure, she’s had to be diligent about what she puts in her body on a daily basis, but she says the better quality of life she now has is totally worth it!


As I mentioned, I am just beginning to learn about the benefits of whole, all natural, organic food in our diets (and on the flip side, the disasterous impacts of harsh chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors, etc.). I’ve learned it’s not about being an “elitist,” as some (admittedly myself included) may view this lifestyle. It’s unfortunate that food which is better for us is typically more expensive…but in the long run, I believe the payoff to our overall mental and physical health far outways the cost.


I would be remiss to not mention my sister, Angie, who is the brain behind this blog. Not only is she a dedicated mother, wife, sister and daughter, but she is the most driven person I know…succeeding in everything she does and passionate about the food she and her family eat. She has had a significant impact on me and my journey. Out of her own experiences and hours upon hours of research, she wants nothing more than to share her knowledge and findings with her loved ones…and ultimately the world through this blog. Won’t you join us?! :)





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