Simple (and alternative) Treatment for a Common Childhood Skin Condition – Personal Story

I want to share a quick story about how I healed my kids’ molluscum contagiosum with tea tree oil and was (thankfully!) able to avoid painful procedures that could have left permanent scars. 


When my daughter was about 2 1/2 years old, she started to develop little bumps on her legs.  They almost looked like pimples but they weren’t red – they were flesh-colored.  They didn’t seem to bother her at first but after a couple months, eczema began to appear around the area and she complained the bumps were itchy.  It didn’t take long for the scratching to ensue and then things got progressively worse.  We tried different creams on the area and tried covering the area but she still scratched.  One day it would look like it was improving and the next it looked like the number of bumps had multiplied.  We had her pediatrician look at the area a few different times.  The first two times she thought it was eczema/severe dry skin and suggested we keep treating it with creams (lotions and/or OTC steroid creams).  The third time she prescribed a cream and said – and I quote – “Don’t worry about the black box warning stating the medication may cause lymphoma.”  I’m sorry – what did you just say???  Obviously I did not fill that prescription.  After doing a little research, my husband and I were pretty convinced our daughter had molluscum contagiosum (MC), which is a relatively common viral skin infection that spreads when the bumps are scratched or injured.  So we made an appointment with a dermatologist.


Before we went to the dermatologist, we did a little more research to prepare us for what the doctor might say if in fact our daughter did have molluscum contagiosum.  Here are the treatment options:

1. Let it run its course.  (At this point, it had almost been a year and the prospect of clearing up on its own didn’t look promising.)


2. Use “beetle juice” which is a liquid derived from the blister beetle.  It is painted on to the affected areas.  The treated areas will blister over and then eventually the blisters fall off.   (um, OUCH!  And I don’t think my three year old would leave those blisters alone.  Not to mention one of the side effects is permanent scarring.)


3. Allow the doctor to use a laser to zap the areas.  The effects are similar to beetle juice – scab over, fall off, potential for permanent scarring….oh and I forgot to mention painful.



My husband and I decided we would not make any decisions the day of the appointment.  Our goal was to get a diagnosis and learn about the treatment options.  (Find out if our internet research was legit!)


Ironically (and THANKFULLY!), the day before the derm appointment, I attended a Melaluca party at my friend’s house.   While discussing the products, the Melaluca rep mentioned that she loved the Melaluca Oil because it cured her son’s molluscum contagiosum.  I couldn’t believe it!  I immediately blurted out, “I think my daughter has molluscum contagiosum!”  The woman started to share her story.  Her son had flesh-colored bumps that kept spreading.  The derm diagnosed them as MC.  And, just like my internet research suggested, the derm treated him first with a medicine referred to as beetle juice.  It didn’t work.  Then the doctor tried the laser (which she confirmed was very painful).  Still no luck.  And this poor little boy had the bumps on his face.  :(   Finally someone suggested she try melaluca oil (tea tree oil).  And it worked! It took a couple weeks, but after applying it once a day to the affected areas, the bumps dried up and disappeared.  No scars!  Of course I ordered it that day.


The next day we took our daughter to the dermatologist.  The derm confirmed the bumps were in fact MC and she also suggested the three treatments we had read about online.  We said we would think about the options and get back to her.  On our drive home I convinced my husband to let me try the tea tree oil first.  As soon as the Melaluca package arrived, I started applying it to my daughter’s bumps.  The areas looked worse before the bumps got better.  But sure enough, after a couple weeks of applying the oil every night before bed, she was bump free!  It was such a relief!  And no permanent scars.  I am so, so thankful that I randomly learned about this alternative treatment and was able to spare my daughter from going through the pain and scarring of conventional treatments.  Of course I wanted to call the dermatologist and share this great news!  There is a simple, pain-free, scar-free way of treating molluscum contagiosum but my husband just shook his head at me.  He was right.  She would have thought I was nuts. Well actually she probably would have just thought it was merely a coincidence that the infection cleared up at the same time I started using the tea tree oil.  BUT since my daughter ended up passing the infection onto my son (oh what fun!) I was able to witness two incidences of tea tree oil clearing up MC.  So I’m thinking coincidence…probably not so much.


So if your child is ever diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum, consider buying some tea tree oil.  It doesn’t have to be the Melaluca brand.  I bought Jason Tea Tree Oil from Target and it worked too.  Start by applying it once a day to the affected area.  Put a tiny bit on your finger and try to apply it directly on the bumps.  It can be very drying so start out with once a day and see how it goes.  It’s worth a try!  If it doesn’t work you always have the conventional options to fall back on.  If you have any questions, send a message or add a comment.  Good luck!!!


(BTW, my kids’ bumps did not look like anything you find on the internet when you search MC.  We diagnosed them based on the description and symptoms.)



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  1. Angie says:

    I remember when this all happened, but it’s so crazy to read through it all again! Amazing that such a simple remedy of tea tree oil got rid of BOTH your kids’ molluscum contagiosum! Thanks for sharing, I hope someone else out there looking for a gentle, alternative remedy comes across this!

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