Chef’n StemGem – Review

My kids LOVE strawberries, and I’m so excited because the grocery store is just now starting to stock organic strawberries that don’t cost a small fortune!  One thing about this ‘lifestyle’ of using whole, fresh foods is that there is a lot of washing, cutting, and preparing of produce!  If I find something that saves a little time, I’m all in!  Enter the Chef’n StemGem™:


Chefn StemGem


My hubby and I saw this a few years ago at Williams-Sonoma and just had to get it.  It is a strawberry stem remover!  You simply push the plunger in to open the metal prongs…




… insert the prongs into the top of the strawberry to grab the stem, let go of the plunger, give a little twist, and pull out the stem!  Presto… perfectly hulled strawberries!


Hulled Strawberries


I love this little guy!  It is super quick to un-stem strawberries.  I’m not a kitchen-gadget person, but the StemGem™ makes it easy to keep washed, fresh strawberries in the fridge, ready for my kids to snack on whenever.  The cost is around $8.


You can visit the Chef’n website to see this and their many other kitchen products.

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