Norwex Dusting Mitt – Review

My mom attended a Norwex party and bought me a couple products, one of which was the dusting mitt. Norwex Dusting Mitt

I love this thing!  Prior to using the dusting mitt, I used swiffer dusters.  I liked them but it didn’t take long for the duster to become saturated and no longer pick up dust.  Instead, it just moved it around – thanks, but no thanks.  I’ve only been using the dusting mitt for a short period of time but it still picks up ALL the dust!  It’s amazing!  The product brochure says it can hold up to seven times its weight in matter.  A static effect is created by the fabric which enhances its ability to attract and trap dirt and dust.  And it’s so easy!  Just slip on the mitt and wipe everything from furniture to lamps to blinds.


When it’s time to wash it, you can either hand wash it with dish soap and warm water or wash it in the washing machine.  You can dry it in the dryer or hang it and let it air dry.  No more cleaning solutions, no more filling up landfills with duster swiffers, and no more dust.  Win-win-win!!


Check the Norwex website for more information and to find a consultant near you!

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One Response to Norwex Dusting Mitt – Review

  1. Mary says:

    Can I wash the dusting mitt in hot water? And what about the other clothes? I’m finding it almost impossible to find a simple answer! How to clean them! Hot, warm or cold? And can I wash them altogether, meaning my body clothes, the blue antibac and my dusting mitt all together?

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