Boscia Clarifying Detox Mask – Review

After I fell in love with Boscia Clear Complexion Cleanser, I decided to try the Boscia Clarifying Detox Mask.  (Again, I bought it from Sephora so I could return it if I wasn’t fully satisfied.  Love that!!)  As a reminder, Boscia is a preservative-free, botanically-based skincare line. Now let me say, putting on this mask brought me back to high school because I’m pretty sure that was the last time I put on a mask.  But I loved it!


Boscia Clarifying Detox Mask This particular mask is a clay mask that absorbs impurities and controls oil.  I don’t use it regularly, as suggested.  I typically use it before a special occasion, like a wedding or night-out, because it does a great job of controlling oil.  If I put it on in the morning, leave it on for the suggested 5 minutes, rinse it off, and then put on my make-up, I notice a huge difference in my skin.  It’s less oily all day and my make-up stays on better.  That said, if you have dry skin, this probably isn’t the mask for you.  There are other Boscia masks.  Check the website to learn more.


I have another use for this mask.  When I feel a pimple developing, I put a dab of this mask on just that area and leave it on over night.  It’s amazing how well this clears up the area – over night!


Another great Boscia product I will be buying again!


Skin Deep rated this product a 1 (scale of 0-10, 0 is the best).  Now this is crazy.  Good Guide is on the opposite end giving this a 2 (scale of 0-10, 10 is the best) because it contains silica.  So do more research if you are concerned about silica. 

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