Ergobaby Carrier – Review

There are so many baby products on the market and it is so hard to decide on what you really need, even the second time around.  I had a carrier with my first son and never used it because it hurt my back and he never seemed happy in it.  I even had a friend loan me her ‘wrap’.  Wow!  I could never figure out how to wrap it the right way, hold the baby and make it comfortable for both of us.  So needless to say I have not been into “babywearing” in the past and felt they were such a waste of money.  My thinking has totally changed with the Ergo! This carrier is AWESOME!


Ergobaby Carrier


I had actually never seen or heard of this carrier until my chiropractor told me about it and how she uses it with her little girl.  It is really good for the baby’s spine and yours.  The thick cushioned band that snaps around your waist is the key.  My little guy loves being carried in it.  It is like I am holding him and/or giving him a hug.  He is now almost too heavy for me to carry in the car seat carrier anymore, so this is a great alternative to just sticking him in the front of a shopping cart.  I put him in the Ergo and my hands are free, he is happy that I am holding him and often takes his morning nap in here when running errands.  I can honestly carry him for hours and not experience any pain or discomfort.



Ergobaby Carrier



On our recent trip to the beach in SC, the Ergo was a life saver!  I was able to go on long walks with my husband and 4 year old, while my 8 month old napped in the Ergo.  It was so peaceful and I was not on the beach lugging a stroller and then stuck pushing it around. You can wear the Ergo three ways, with you baby facing you in the front, on your hip or on your back.  I have never used it on my back, yet, as I know my guy would be pulling my hair.  Here are lots of images of how you can use the Ergo at all the baby stages.  It is so sweet having your little one snuggled on you.  I cannot resist kissing his head or cheeks when carrying him.


You can purchase the infant insert, heart 2 heart, that will allow you to start using this carrier right away.  I sure wish I had known about it then.  I did not purchase mine until my son was about 6 months old.  It will carry them until 45lbs. so I knew I would still get lots of use out of mine.   I knew it would be invaluable on walks, at the park and on vacation.


There are lots of options when it comes to the Ergo and I found this YouTube shopper’s guide to be very helpful when trying to decide between the 5 collections.  I went with the Organic collection, in plain black, that uses organic materials and dyes.  This was actually one of the best in pricing options when I was shopping around.  I was able to get it on Amazon with free shipping at a better price than anywhere else, at the time.  The material is super soft.  I also added the teething pads as my son is a drool monster and chews on everything, right now.  These are nice to keep your Ergo clean and you can just throw these in the wash when needed.  The Ergo is also machine washable, but I did not want to be washing it after every use.


So of all the baby stuff I am not sure how I lived without with my first son, this is definitely #1 on my list!  I find myself thinking of all the times I would have benefited from the Ergo and how happy I am to have it now.  They grow up so fast, so carry them and love on them while they let us, right?  This would make a GREAT gift for any new mom’s in your life!

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