Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta – Review

A while back I thought I was having some issues with gluten, which I’m sure you already know is a protein found in wheat (among other things).  I wanted to find a wheat/gluten-free pasta, and I came across this Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta at Target.


Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta


It’s a really good alternative for traditional wheat pasta!  It takes a bit longer to cook than most pastas I’ve used in the past (you have to boil it for 15 minutes), but I just know to start boiling the water first before I begin making dinner.


This pasta has a very mild flavor and the texture is just a bit different than normal pasta, but everyone in my family enjoys it.  I will say that if you reheat these noodles, they will be very sticky!  My kids like having leftover chili for lunch occasionally, and I have to cut the brown rice noodles apart so they aren’t in a clump!


The jury is still out whether I really have an issue with gluten, so I try to limit wheat products when I can.  If for any reason you are trying to or need to stay away from gluten, this brown rice pasta makes a great stand in for meals with noodles!


The Tinkyada site has lots of recipes as well!

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  1. Lynn Shore says:

    I would like some coupons mailed to my house. I am not able to print them out. I need gluten free and dairy free coupons. Thank you so much!

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