Young Living Essential Oils – Review

I really want to title this post “How Young Living Essential Oils Have Changed My Life,” but I’m trying to make our post titles consistent for purposes of our Product Reviews page!  :)

YL Oils Changed my Life

I was introduced to Young Living essential oils a little while ago, and I can honestly say they have changed the way I take care of my family.  Rather than feeling anxious at yet another illness or injury, now I just pull out my stash of oils knowing that they work for us!  I don’t have to use chemical-laden over the counter medicines or creams anymore.  I can take care of my family with these amazing oils straight from nature!


Young Living oils are therapeutic, or medicinal, grade oils.  These are NOT oils from your local pharmacy or even the health food store.  Young Living has been around over 20 years and oversees the entire process from Seed to Seal, so their quality is second to none.  This process assures that the oils have therapeutic properties, they don’t just smell good.  :)


My only regret with these oils is that I didn’t try them sooner.  I could do post after post about all the ways that Young Living oils have helped our family, so instead of taking over our Girls Just Want to Go Green blog, I actually started another new blog all about the oils.  :)


As much as I wish I could tell you all the successes we have had with the oils, regulations limit what I can say about them unfortunately.  But these oils have truly changed our lives!!  I would highly encourage you to learn more about them, it is so empowering to be able to care for your family naturally!


One Last Thing…

Young Living is a network marketing company, which I know can be a huge turnoff to people… trust me, it hindered me from wanting to even try the oils at the beginning.  The first bottle I just bought, I did not ‘sign up’ or anything like that.  But once I start seeing results from them, the whole network-marketing-thing was a total non-issue for me.  I wanted these oils, and I didn’t care how I had to get them!  :)


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2 Responses to Young Living Essential Oils – Review

  1. Molly says:

    I am on the fence about jumping onboard. I have a friend that started to sell, and I have always been interested in essential oils. My fear is I will invest 150 plus and not be able to make any money on the products. I mean I want to benefit from them, yet sell something I love. I am meeting with my friend today but I am now questioning if I really want to invest my money…Can you please give me some advice ?

    • Angie says:

      Yes, I will email you, Molly! It has been one of the best decisions we have made. If there was no business attached to this, I would still be purchasing Young Living products, hands down. It’s just a perk that you can choose to make it a business. :)

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